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Johann, Edwin, Helena

Ana Kasper

Johann & family

Johan Wojnowski

Dad & Aunt Maggie

Ludwig und wife



On September 27, 1913 (it was also a Saturday), Berta Loninishpat Kasper & her daughter Helen Elizabeth Kasper arrived in New York aboard the ship Kaiserin Auguste Victoria .
The Kaiserin Auguste Victoria was the largest passenger ship in the world at the time of its first launch in 1905.  It was 706 feet long, 77 feet wide and held 2,996 passenger with a  crew of 593!
Berta was 64 years old at the time, and Helen was only 19 years old.  Both were born in Konigsberg , East Prussia – which is present day Kaliningrad , Russia .
They came to the USA so that Helen could wed Johann Wojnowski – who was friends with Helen’s older siblings, Frederick & Anna (who were already in the USA )

Fred Kasper & family

Helena Kasper

Mom & Dad Before

Sept 1939

Wedding Party
Wojnowskis & Buchners

Do What Song

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Bashful Baby Song

Link to LaPorte, IN
Note the Round Barn, Ohimes ? Song

August 31, 1941


Aunts Galore

Dad & Me

Allis Chalmers

Cousins & Aunt


LaPorte Library

Sandy in a Barrel

The Pfaffs

3JUL45 - 27OCT45

For my birthday


Sailor Dad

Who'da Known

Uncle Harold

Uncle Chuck & Me

Jack & David

Young Pugilists
Jack & Keith


Hello Tucson!

Live Picture of the

Ahhh. Arizona Sun

Tax burden, the wall


Polka Song

Polish American Club, Polish1, Polish2, Polish3, Polish4, Rodeo Parade, Tucson, AZ, 1952, look for Aunt Shirley & me, mom & Walter Fazceski

Frye's in Nogales

Who's On First
Reuben's Furniture Store, Little League Baseball Team Sponsor

Tucson Daily Citizen - January 9, 1952, Tucson, Arizona, Reuben Gold president of Reuben's furniture stores, 81 N 6TH AVE PHONE TUCSON.

Brother Gary.
Surprise !


I started drinking at an early age.  Bad influence on the sibs.

Best Friends

Roskruge Jr Hi, 1953

Roskruge Friends 1953

Fontana, CA 1954, 8th grade

Fontana Jr. High, 8425 Mango Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335

Tucson High School, 1955

Drafting at Tucson High

Mexican Song
Nogales 1
Nogales 2

Nogales 3

Grandpa & Grandma Wojnowski & Aunt Maggie, mom & dad, Nogales, Mexico

R&R Fancy Foods
Wing Seen Wong
& wife, Tiny Mae
Ralph Wong
Tucson Chinese Story

Mom made my shirt & her dress.

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church

Bakulas, Walter, Mom & Dad

High School Grad 1958
Catalina High School


Mom & Dad lived in Albuquerque

Don Epstein, Bobby Lewallen, Linda Frye, Parson Larson, Patricia (Frye) Wojnowski, Jack Wojnowski, Glenn Perrin, unknown, Ann Baska.

Little Jack Frye looking on.

Living room 4125 E. Seneca, Tucson
Next day off to Pt. Mugu missle base.

Albuquerque, NM


more Disney, Feb 1962

Inertial guidance system for the Minuteman missle, Autonetics, 1962-1970

A good Union family.
Oct 1965

25 year anniversary

Aad & Meta Vermunt, Long Beach, CA

Maxine's sisters

Lois Maxine Frye

George Forsen

Dorothy Frye

Aunt Gert

Jean Forsen

Four Generations

The Forsens

Forsen's 50th Anniversary


Jack Frye the Skater

Dick & Maxine's favorite restaurant.

Richard Hart Frye
Lois Maxine Frye (3/2/1919-3/17/1999)

(Frye's) A Almost New Shop

Sandy (Sis), & Marion

The Three Musketeers

Sandy & Dad's 80th, 1996
Born Feb 11, 1916, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, Died April 5, 1999, Phoenix, AZ

Father: Johann Wojnowski
Mother: Helen Elizabeth Kasper

Me, Chuck, Mark
and Rick, the Gondolier

Jack & Jodie